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  • Really no disturbance

    From Dion

    My wife, God bless her, for all her good qualities, is a very active sleeper ie tossing and turning. This Emma mattress really proved itself-- sometimes, I don't even feel my wife beside me (sometimes ;) ). 10/10 for me!

    • Sleeping on Back
    • 7 Sleeping hours per night
    • With partner
  • Comfy

    From Amber

    Love love love the mattress! I wish they sold mattress protectors and pillows too though

    • Sleeping on Side
    • With partner
  • Fantastic!

    From Alex

    So glad this mattress is available in Australia! It's such a life-changer!

    • Sleeping on Side
    • 10 Sleeping hours per night
  • Great mattress

    From Logan

    For a 47 year old, I'm not one to talk much, but I gotta hand it to the Emma mattress. Comfortable but no sinking, cool but not cold. It just works!

    • Variable Sleeping
    • 7 Sleeping hours per night
    • With partner
  • Don't look at me

    From Morgan

    If you're looking for a bad review, you have to move along because this ain't it. This mattress is heaven-sent for a cheapskate, treat-yourself gal like myself!! Simply *chef's kiss*

    • Variable Sleeping
    • 10 Sleeping hours per night
    • Alone
  • Great customer service!

    From Jaden

    I was moving houses so I had to coordinate when my mattress would arrive at my new house so I wouldn't have to sleep on the floor. Unfortunately, my move was delayed (!!) by a week and I only knew of it on the day of the mattress delivery. Marlow was so kind and swift to respond to move my mattress delivery. When I got it, the quality is just as good as their customer service!! you won't be disappointed!!

  • Best mattress I've ever had

    From Mitchell

    After spending thousands on mattresses before, this is the best I've ever had!

    • Sleeping on Side
    • 9 Sleeping hours per night
    • With partner
  • Been sleeping better lately

    From Helen

    I would certainly recommend this mattress. I've been sleeping better lately and really enjoying spending the afternoon on it on weekends.

    • Sleeping on Back
    • 6 Sleeping hours per night
    • With partner
  • Firm but Supportive

    From Brad

    I wasn't too sure at first about the mattress, almost returned it , in fact. But I'm glad I stuck it out and gave it a proper chance. The experience has been transformative.

    • Sleeping on Side
    • 8 Sleeping hours per night
    • Alone
  • Decent sleep thank you much!!!!

    From Val

    I have a very bad back, but now my sleep is 200% better with the Emma mattress, without breaking the piggy bank. A must-buy in my opinion!

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